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Best ED Treatment – Common Remedies Men Use

by Oliver Farrell

ED which is also known as erectile dysfunction can become more common in men as they grow older. Besides chemical treatments, there are several natural remedies that can reduce the fizzle in the bedroom. While it is normal for a man to have occasional difficulty getting an erection that is satisfactory for sexual intercourse, persistent issues down there require a check-up and possibly treatment. Erection troubles are common but they can be difficult for men to discuss with partners and doctors. Research suggests that over a third of men have ED, yet the majority of men are embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it even though this subject is discussed a lot in the media. ED can be resolved on a temporary basis by using ED pills. However this may not be the best ED treatment due to the costly expenses. Men can also be missing out on the opportunity to improve their health.

These sales of erection pills and mass advertising are boosted by keeping erectile issues in the dark. They give the idea that it’s an embarrassing problem where you can secretly pop a pill without seeking help from doctors or professionals. What Age Can Men Be Affected? Most men have occasional days where they cannot get an erection. For example, a man may not get a proper erection if feeling tired, stressed, or have consumed too much alcohol. For some men it is only temporary and an erection can occur most other times. However, some men can experience persistent, or recurring ED. This condition can occur at any age, but affects men more with increasing age.

Why It Happens?

The cause of ED is divided into 2 reasons. Many men will have symptoms of both: – Psychological (emotional) causes – Physical or organic causes Not many men are aware that physical rather than psychological causes are responsible for many cases of this problem. The main physical cause usually involves blood flow. Nerves may not produce sufficient nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and encourages blood to flow in the penis. There can also be blockages present, which will not allow enough blood to flow freely. Certain emotional feelings can interfere with normal a normal sex life, including feeling nervous about sex; feeling stressed either at work or at home. In these cases, psychological counselling or relaxation exercises that you can practise at home may be beneficial. Strengthen Your Erection Without Drugs No pills are without side effects. Viagra and similar medications may cause headaches, dizziness, facial flushing and a runny nose. Many men experience side effects which can add more interest in natural treatments or remedies which can be the best form of ED treatment. Nobody has to suffer from this condition and there is always a way to reduce symptoms.

Stopping smoking – This can be better than using any ED drug.

Drink in moderation – a little alcohol may enhance your sex life, but too much can cause erection issues.

Reduce stress – high stress can interfere with your body’s hormone levels and result in erection difficulty and low libido. The arteries can narrow and reduce blood flow which can lead to further problems in the bedroom.

Eat well – eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, fish and pulses can decrease the likelihood of ED. A Mediterranean diet is linked to improving sexual function in ED patients.

Exercise regularly – just 30 minutes of walking a day is associated with a significant drop in symptoms. Research suggests that moderate exercise can help restore sexual function and performance. Erection herbs – these can be the best ED treatment for many men. They are effective in relieving symptoms of ED, which means they help expand blood vessels and increase blood flow.

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