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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction – How You Can Perform Wonders in the Sack Tonight

by Oliver Farrell

Like alot of men you are looking for erectile dysfunction treatment remedies and some causes of erectile dysfunction in men are injury, surgery, stress and some medications.  Erectile dysfunction is a problem for over 30 million men in the US alone.

In order to address and solve the problem of weak erections and sexual performance you need to establish the root causes of erectile dysfunction. Treating the root causes of erectile dysfunction in men will naturally improve your performance and ability to get an erection.

Important Facts

1. Erectile dysfunction will have a physical or a psychological cause

2. Reduced blood flow and nerve damage to the penis are common physical  causes of erectile dysfunction. Other medications you may be taking can also cause this embarrassing  condition.

3. Depression, anxiety and stress are all psychological causes of erectile dysfunction.

4. Alcohol, smoking, and taking illegal drugs will influence the ability to  have an erection.

Differences Between Drug and Natural Treatments

Drugs come with absurd expense and toxic, health-destroying side effects:

1. Erection drugs do not always work

2. They have dreadful side effects

3. Only offer a quick fix and do not cure the problem

4. Men can become dependent on these drugs

5. These drugs can interfere with any other medications you may be taking

6. The drugs are very costly on an on-going basis

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction & CuresNatural remedy treatments offer a simple, affordable and guaranteed way to  give you back the naturally big and spontaneous erections of your youth.  Erectile dysfunction remedy treatments have been carefully designed to help men  of all ages put an end to this embarrassing condition for good. It is a good  idea to try and identify some of the causes of erectile dysfunction and  treatment plans will help you to do this.

1. Natural remedies are a proven method that is guaranteed to work.

2. No side effects.

3. They offer a safe and permanent solution to stop your condition  permanently.

4. You will not become dependent on any drugs.

5. Will not affect any other medications that you may be taking.

6. No weekly drug bills.

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