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Causes of Weak Erections – Why Does it Take So Long For Me to Get Hard?

by Oliver Farrell

Many millions of men these days think about the causes of weak erections. Men  wonder if this does happen because they are not turned on or wonder if they have an ED problem. They are most likely a cause from either physical or emotional health  issues. Firstly, it is completely
normal for every man not to be able to obtain or maintain an erection once in a while, especially in times of stress or after recovering from an illness.

It rarely has anything to do with a partner who does not turn a man  on. Weak erections is referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. If you are having trouble getting hard erections this article could offer some helpful tips.

Physical Issues Can Be The Causes

On the physical front, weak erections are often caused by an insufficient blood flow to the chambers in the penis that hold blood. Many factors can cause this. When it  does not get enough blood flow, your penis will not expand fully. Many factors  can cause this such as smoking, eating a high fat diet, which causes arteries to  restrict blood flow.

Psychological Issues Can Be The Causes

Other times, however, a weak erection can be caused by psychological issues, like performance anxiey or nervousness from the desire to please a partner.

Stress and emotional problems are the main culprits. Any torment in your  brain will result in distress down below. Relationship problems can have a  direct impact on sexual relationships.

Soft erections can be very embarrassing and unpleasing. While it is  considered an erection, it is not hard enough to provide adequate stimulation  for your partner and this can lower your confidence and self esteem.

Probably the first time when you cannot achieve your desired erection you  will think about impotence and what to do about it. ED or male  impotence is defined as the inability of a man to achieve and maintain an  erection sufficient for satisfactory intercourse with his partner.

Natural therapy like this should be one of the first steps you can take to improve your  sexual life after figuring out your causes of weak erections. There are  companies which have developed products that can help any man become more  satisfied with his sex life and feel more confident when it comes to intimate  relationships. Let’s take a look at some of the options:

A. Herbal Pills

Preliminary research on a few herbal supplements such as ginseng suggests  that they may provide benefit as an erectile dysfunction treatment in some men.  But no adequate clinical trials have proven either the effectiveness or the  safety of supplements in treating these problems.

B. Synthetic Drugs

These drugs enhance the effects of nitric oxide, a chemical messenger that  relaxes smooth muscles in the penis. This increases the amount of blood and  allows a natural sequence to occur, an erection in response to sexual stimulation.

There are differences between the pills as they vary in dosage, duration of  effectiveness and unwanted side effects.

An All Natural & Cheap Way To Combat

Once you have looked at the causes of weak erections, then you should start  by looking at a natural remedy treatment that offers a simple, affordable and a  guaranteed way to give you back the naturally big and spontaneous erections of  your youth.

Vitamins, herbs, supplements, correct diet and these special exercises are some  ways you can increase your levels of circulation which will get your stiffness  back in no time without the use of any drugs. You can learn some of these  simple, quick techniques that you can put into action right away to say goodbye  to the humiliation of your manhood dilemmas and expensive drugs.

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