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Cure For Erectile Dysfunction – These ED Remedies Are Changing Lives Everyday

by Oliver Farrell

With an effective cure for erectile dysfunction, men need not suffer from the embarrassment of erectile dysfunction, nor do they need to turn to drugs with potentially dangerous side-effects, like Viagra.

Natural erectile dysfunction cures can boost circulation levels by up to 20%. This is what can cure impotence in the majority of men. The best part of these ED treatments is that they are completely natural and if you use a natural cure for erectile dysfunction you won’t have to deal with the harsh side effects from ED drugs.

These natural home remedies gently but effectively cure erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. In fact a natural cure for erectile dysfunction  is often a great solution for those who have had side effects to prescriptions drugs for erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Hard Facts:

  • Erectile dysfunction in men most of the time is caused by circulation problems.
  • A natural cure for erectile dysfunction has been around for hundreds of years. Nowadays you can now choose a natural treatment that has been proven and backed up with research.
  • If you are serious about using a cure for erectile dysfunction without the use of drugs, this article may help you to cure this issue naturally.

In summary, you can find out today out how you can:

  • Understand how erections occur
  • Understand the real causes of ED
  • How to treat the problem with a natural cure for erectile dysfunction

How Erections Occur

To get more of an idea about the possible causes of erectile dysfunction it is may be helpful to know how erections occur. The simplest form of explanation of the erection process is the filling up of the cavities in the cavernous tissues of the penis with blood.

The process of penile erection is initiated either by sensory (touch, hear, view, smell or taste) or by mental (thought/thinking) stimulation. This leads to the generation of nerve impulses in the brain that are transmitted to the nerve endings at the penis. The stimulation of the nerve endings at the penis results in relaxation of the muscles of the corpus cavernosum which in turn leads to filling up of blood within its cavities.

Erectile dysfunction is when an erection is consistently difficult or does not occur. Anything that may interfere with your nervous system, or the circulation of your blood, can result in erectile dysfunction. There are many underlying causes and when these are determined you can treat the condition effectively.

Physical Causes

A lot of people think that erectile dysfunction is just a part of aging. However this is not true. As men age into their 40s, 50s, and 60s and beyond, they are more likely to have other physical health problems that can affect their sexual performance. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is clogged arteries in the penis. Think of your arteries like a garden hosepipe. When lots of water runs through a hose, the pipe will become hard, the same principal applies to your penis as a erection will occur when enough blood fills the pipes leading to your penis. ED can happen because not enough blood flows into the penis or too much blood leaks out of the penis.

Research has shown that over 70 percent of erectile dysfunction is physical in origin, not psychological. Impotence affects most males during their lives and can be caused by high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, highblood pressure, low testosterone levels, smoking or alcohol. Certain medications can also be the culprit. In large-scale studies, nearly 80 percent of men who reported having erectile dysfunction were also overweight or obese. Poor health is mostly due to poor lifestyles – junk food diet and lack of exercise and this can cause clogged arteries restricting enough blood reaching your groin.

A physical examination from your doctor can reveal clues for physical causes of erectile dysfunction. It is very important to consult your doctor about erectile dysfunction to determine the exact cause and to correct any underlying health factor.

Psychological Causes 

If all the physical reasons have been ruled out then the issue may be psychological. It could also be a psychological cause if men experience a sudden onset of erectile dysfunction and can still achieve erections in some circumstances but not in others. Psychological causes can include: emotional issues, anxiety, stress, guilt, depression, low self-esteem and performance anxiety may be the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Research has shown now that 1 in every 10 men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to work related stress but less than half of men actually realize that stress is the cause if their ED.

Performance anxiety is a very common sexual problem in men where they experience anxiety when it comes to sexual activity. What can happen is that men can become so fullyengrossed in the fear of the inability to perform which will then decrease the chances of getting an erection. Talking about your erectile dysfunction with your partner is also known to take the burden and stress off men.

If you get an erection when you are alone or when you wake up in the morning, then the cause is most likely emotional.

This simple at-home test known as the erectile self test can show you straight away which type of erectile dysfunction you are suffering from. It can  be the first clue in diagnosing and treating this condition. Further confirmation is necessary from your doctor who will perform a psychological examination using an interview and questionnaire that may reveal psychological factors contributing to erectile dysfunction. Whatever the cause of the problem, there are ways to treat it that involve the use of natural remedies.

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