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Cure For Male Impotence – How To Boost A Flagging Sex Life

by Oliver Farrell

Impotence also known as erectile dysfunction or ED, is a common issue, affecting more than 1 in ten men worldwide. Most men can find a problem achieving and or maintaining an erection at some point in their life time. If you have an erection problem that does not seem to be improving, help is required.

Impotence may be recurring on a constant basis, or it may just occur as a single issue. One or two occurrences does not automatically mean a man is impotent, although this may be still be frustrating at the time. Impotence can be linked to psychological factors including stress and anxiety or physical factors such as poor diet and excess alcohol or smoking. If a man suffers from impotence, the treatment received will depend on the underlying cause of the condition.

Why Men Blame Work Pressures for a Flagging Sex Live

Stress often plays a major role in impotence. Any stress is bad stress and could possibly be the main cause. Stress is in fact the culprit among most men suffering from erection issues. Research shows over 40 per cent of men blame stress for poor sexual performance.

Pressure at work, relationship concerns, financial issues and other life worries can make having an erection more difficult. A man may suddenly find himself unable to achieve an erection after losing his job for example. Sexual performance anxiety can then start to play a role and this is highly detrimental to any sex life.

Treatment choices now include pharmaceutical medications, penis pumps, hormone therapy and surgery. Many men these days prefer natural options as they tackle the actual root cause of the problem. Fortunately, research has shown there are some natural remedies that are effective at improving symptoms of ED.

Medication Treatments for Impotence

Viagra is one of the best known medications for male impotence. A man needs to be sexually stimulated for Viagra to work. Viagra starts working within a hour and usually lasts maximum four hours. Other pills likes Cialis and Levitra can be taken but are not by any means an aphrodisiac so will not increase sexual desire.

Lifestyle Changes

With this in mind, we move on to natural cures for male impotence to help improve blood flow and restore male potency. Most men already know that smoking and eating fried foods can clog arteries and block the flow of blood to the heart. These plaques can do the exact same thing and block the arteries leading to the manhood region. You can prevent impotence by eating a healthy, well balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, pulses and fish. Consider eating lots of healthy, organic foods. Start eating a well balanced breakfast as well as lunch and try to not to make the dinner in the evening too heavy.

After considering changing your eating habits, adding relevant vitamins to aid erections may further help the situation. Certain vitamins can help produce hormones which is necessary for a healthy sex life. Certain minerals too also play an important role in testosterone creation.

The symptoms of male impotence can also be improved by making other changes to your lifestyle:

1. Losing some weight if you are overweight
2. Giving up smoking altogether
3. Limiting your alcohol consumption
4. Exercising on a regular basis, ideally 3-4 times a week
5. Trying some relaxation exercises at home to reduce stress
6. Certain herbs can also prolong a man’s erection and can increase male libido

Aside from the massive health benefits, the cost of male impotence remedies will not put a strain on your wallet week to week like pharmaceutical medications tend to do.

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