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Erection Difficulties- Is there a Salt-ED Connection?

by Oliver Farrell

A man’s biggest embarrassment and frustration in life is losing his ability to perform sexually.  Approximately 50% of men over the age of 40  suffer from erection difficulties to some degree and for that reason, it can be a natural part of ageing. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence, is defined by the inability to get an erection or to maintain an erection sufficient for sex. Men under the age of 40 may experience erection difficulties as well. In fact, there are far more occurrences of erection difficulties in younger men than previously thought. Find out what might be stopping you from achieving or maintaining an erection and 1 thing you can do to improve your sex life without even spending a dime.

Causes of Erection Difficulties

Many men occasionally fail to achieve or maintain an erection. If this problem happens more frequently, treated is recommended. Erectile dysfunction it can be caused by physical or emotional problems. Understanding the most common causes of erectile dysfunction can help a person identify why they may be suffering from it.

What You Should Know About High Blood Pressure

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur for many reasons. It is mainly linked with inadequate blood flow. The causes for poor blood flow can range from psychological to physical reasons.  Negative sexual experiences, can lead feeling anxious about sex. Similarly, stress, other types of anxiety and depression can lead to restricted blood flow.

High blood pressure is a major cause of erection difficulties. When this happens not enough blood flows into the penis to produce an erection, even when sexually aroused or stimulated. Men with high blood pressure may also have a low testosterone level which can lead to further issues with erections and reduced sex drive.

High blood pressure increases your risk for heart attack as you probably are already aware of. It can be a major cause of ED problems. The heart pumps blood in the body through the blood vessels. High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) overworks your body’s organs because more force is required.

Eating too much salt can very often lead to hypertension. This alone can cause erection difficulties. Since this high blood pressure can damage your arteries, blood flow to the penis will be restricted causing erection difficulties.

Some people need to go on medications once they have high blood pressure to control the condition.  The problem we have here is that High blood pressure medications that can cause sexual dysfunction as a side effect.

The Solution is Simple

If you want harder erections,  reduce the salt. There are treatments like these available to help you to get and maintain an erection but switching salt for herbs and spices could improve your health and your sex life.

Different herbs and spices are recommended to replace salt. Reducing your salt  intake doesn’t mean you have to give up flavour. Some of the best ones include:




Black pepper,



You can use in meats, poultry, stews, vegetables, sauces and salads.

It is a great idea to add good extra virgin olive oil to bread instead of butter and to food when cooking.. It adds a flavor and is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats.

Cutting down on salt may help lower your blood pressure and improve therefore improve the quality of your erections.

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