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Few Men Seek The Right Help For Erectile Dysfunction

by Oliver Farrell

Despite an increased awareness of erectile dysfunction, many men still suffer this embarrassing dilemma in silence. Men at the best of times often avoid going to the doctor and when it comes to sexual issues, they can really go out of their way to avoid seeing the doctor. It is also vital to talk about your erectile dysfunction worries with your partner. The results in a relationship can be disastrous if there is the unwilling to admit or discuss any type of sexual issue together. As well as damage to a relationship, further problems can develop that lead to blame and loss of confidence

Embarrassment and Shame Keep Men From Seeking Professional Help.

As a starting point, it is advisable to talk to your own doctor. A doctor will be able to perform a physical examination and undertake tests to evaluate the exact cause of your erectile dysfunction. Hoping things will just clear up is not the solution for men. Ignoring the problem is not the way forward either. The solution to an erection problem is easier to deal with from the start if a man has proper support from his partner.

The best way to talk with your partner is to try to overcome any initial embarrassment by just confronting the issue. Men could start by sharing emotions they are feeling at this time. It is important to realize that a partner is also affected by erectile dysfunction and is probably feeling confused by the fact that her man doesn’t appear to want to have sex with her.

Tips On How To Talk To Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

1. It is difficult for men to sometimes start a conversation about these issues because they are very embarrassed or simply do not know what to say. It is still advisable to talk to your partner as soon as possible. This may help to relieve any further stress and anxiety, which could be adding further to your erection problems.

2. Tell your partner that you have missed being sexually active with them of late.

3. Explain the reason why you haven’t been able to have a sex life recently.

4. Explain that erectile dysfunction is a very common issue for men and that this could be the problem right now.

5. Reassure your partner that you are trying to seek the right help to overcome this issue.

6. Look for different ways to pleasure your partner in the bedroom. There are other ways for you to make your partner satisfied and your manhood is only a part of this.

Prolonging A Problem For Which There May Be A Simple Solution

Penile exercises are a great way to improve the overall health and hardness of the manhood, along with increasing the chance for a man to last longer. Erections are produced by blood flow and if a man wants harder erections, these special penile exercises can improve general sexual health. Exercising the penis will increase circulation and will build up the strength of your erections. These exercises can be practiced anytime and anywhere in a car, at the computer, or even while you’re at work. Men do not need to even practice them every day. Instead a few minutes a day three to four days a week is sufficient to see results. Some recent research suggests that men who have made a few simple lifestyle improvements such as diet and general exercise experienced increased rates of success with these exercises.

It is important that men do not give up hope, erectile dysfunction happens in a lot of relationships and help is available. It is just something that men do not want to admit because they initially feel embarrassed and ashamed.

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