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How To Get Your Naturally Hard Erections Back

by Oliver Farrell

Prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction are commonly used by men, but if there are relationship problems, Viagra, Levitra or Cialis are not going to solve the problem. Treating erectile dysfunction with medication pills still exists, but we also include some tips on how to deal with erection issues with natural remedies. Erectile dysfunction is a very tough issue to deal with but doesn’t have to kill your relationship. Men are not the only ones affected as this condition can impact their partners, too. As well as the damage to a couples’ sex life, sexual issues can be a very difficult topic of conversation and this lack of communication can cause relationships to take a further nose dive. When it comes to treating this problem, men have had the best outcomes when they are able to communicate the issue with their partner. Erectile dysfunction is common and affects many millions of American men, many of which experience erection difficulties on a long-term basis.

A proactive attitude towards fixing the problem is crucial and can make a big difference in the overall success of treatment. Almost all men will experience an occasional problem, it is how it is handled that counts and will determine what type of treatment is necessary. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Summary Improving erection quality through pills, therapy, pumps or natural remedies can provide different benefits but unfortunately in some treatments, side effects can happen.

Erection Pills

If the focus is to improve blood circulation and male libido quickly, medications like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis can reverse issues for a short time by increasing nitric oxide. This is a chemical which is produced naturally in your body. For some men these pills work but side effects can still occur. When they do, they can include: • Headache • Indigestion • Stuffy or runny nose • Muscle pain • Changes to vision • Dizziness


This can be a short form of counselling that may help men to cope with erectile dysfunction. Therapy is most effective when a man’s partner is willing to be part of the treatment. Having your partner involved in stress related therapy can resolve emotional problems more effectively.

Vacuum Devices

Specially designed vacuum pumps to produce erections have been used for many years. They are generally safe and relatively inexpensive. A device consists of a plastic cylinder that is placed over the penis and rings of various sizes. Air is pumped out, which creates a partial vacuum and draws blood into the manhood to produce an erection. Although these pumps are generally safe, bruising and some numbness can sometimes occur. Although vacuum pumps can be used quickly, they can lack spontaneity.

Natural Remedies

Can Be Extremely Helpful Many say that multivitamins and mineral supplements can play a major role in treating male sexual issues and are considered to be natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. However, before choosing any such treatment, one should consult a health care provider for dosage and learning about the supplements and their benefits in more detail. Poor dietary choices can develop into vascular disease which is the most common cause of erection difficulty. This can interfere with the erection process by restricting blood flow to the penis. A proper and balanced low-fat, high-fibre diet improves blood flow to all parts of the body. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and possible vitamin supplements, can each work as a natural remedy. Herbs like ginkgo and ginseng have also been used to increase circulation and stimulate blood flow. Ginkgo is said to increase blood flow to the brain, which is important for successful treatment. Ginseng can also be helpful as it can boost testosterone levels.

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