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Male Erectile Dysfunction – How To Start Enjoying Your Sex Life Again

by Oliver Farrell

Dealing with male erectile dysfunction and finding the right herbal treatment for this issue in itself can take its toll. The emotional impact this condition can have on a man and his partner can be difficult to deal with. This page aims to help men suffering from erection problems and many men may be surprised at all these options for treating erectile dysfunction without using any drugs.

Firstly it is important to know that at best erectile dysfunction (ED) can challenge intimate relationships. It’s little surprise that when your sex life breaks down, relationships suffer aswell. You know that when you are with an attractive sexual partner there’s nothing more important than being able to get an erection. When men cannot achieve or maintain an erection, their partners can start to believe that the man is losing interest in them. This is not the case, it is of course the frustration and humiliation of not being able to complete the sex act which leaves your partner feeling rejected and unsatisfied.

How to Discuss ED

One of the most important first steps in talking with your partner is to acknowledge the situation. Your partner may already have an idea anyway. A problem shared is a problem halved. If your partner is unaware of your ED they may be unintentionally putting pressure on you to perform. Discussing the problem with them may relieve this pressure.

If you are finding it difficult, these tips may make coping with erectile dysfunction a little easier. Treating male erectile dysfunction is much more easily found if a man has excellent support from his partner.

It is important to realize that your partner is also affected by your ED and is probably feeling tired of feeling unwanted. Communication is really important and that means two way communications.

In a relationship, treating male issues will become easier if you can talk openly about your problem, as well as to simply spend more time enjoying each other’s company without the children, television or discussions about work and the household.

It is difficult for couples to sometimes start a conversation about sensitive issues because you are embarrassed or just don’t know what to say. You still need to talk to your partner as soon as possible. This may help to relieve your anxiety, which could be adding to your erection problems.

The best way to talk with your partner is to try to overcome the initial embarrassment and awkwardness by confronting the issue.  You could start by sharing your emotions you are feeling at this time.

  • Remind your partner that you love them dearly and that you have missed making love with them of late.
  • Explain why you haven’t been able to have a sex life recently. Explain that male erectile dysfunction is a very common complaint with men and that you are probably experiencing it right now.
  • Reassure your partner that you are focusing on ways to solve your erectile dysfunction so this condition doesn’t affect your relationship for longer than is necessary.
  • Look for alternative techniques for sexual pleasure so that there is no pressure to perform. There are other ways for you to make your partner feel wanted, desired, loved and pleasured and your penis is only a part of this.
  • Don’t give up hope, erectile dysfunction happens in a lot of  relationships from time to time and you can work through it together; it is just something that people don’t want to admit because they feel embarrassed or ashamed.

 Treating Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

Firstly – treating any underlying medical condition is a great place to start. Consult y our doctor as ED can be an early warning signal of other health related issues.

Medicines – these can help some men and the brand names that most popular are “Viagra” and “Cialis”. In trials, these drugs can cause headaches, indigestion, nasal congestion, abnormal vision, diarrhea and dizziness.

Physical devices – A vacuum pump is a mechanical or electrical device. The penis is inserted into a cylinder, vacuum is applied to draw blood into the penis, and a constriction ring is placed around the base of the penis to keep the blood from escaping. Common complaints are lack of spontaneity and the hassle factor. Men also report that pumps don’t produce an erection that’s as hard as they’d like. Also, applying vacuum too quickly can result in bruising and other penile injuries.

Natural Remedies – Why not change your lifestyle to help overcome  ED problems instead of relying on prescription pills? Regular trips to the doctor’s office can be expensive, embarrassing and time consuming which can be a real hassle not to mention their related side effects. There are several natural ways to treating erectile dysfunction successfully such as changing one’s lifestyle or using natural herbal erectile dysfunction supplements. These measures will often help for example, reducing stress, alcohol or smoking and getting more sleep. These exercises will not only can improve your physical health, they can improve your sexual life too. These vitamins for male erectile dysfunction have been proven to work very effectively sometimes giving better results than taking ED pills.

Summing Up 

Treating male erectile dysfunction is very common these days. However, it’s important to first establish what the cause is. Very often, there are several causes, including both these physical and psychological factors.

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