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Men Don’t Need Pills To Have Firmer Erections

by Oliver Farrell

Sexual issues like erectile dysfunction frequently top the list of problems that people shy away from talking about. Most men may experience erection issues from time to time, particularly if tired or under stress, but usually only a temporary problem. Many men experience temporary performance concerns in the bedroom and this is happening to at least one in ten men. There are a number of treatment options like these that can help men to get firmer erections, so there is no need for men to suffer in silence or resort to taking medication pills.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or to keep an erection for sexual activity. A combination of physical and psychological issues can cause this. A high number of cases are related to physical issues. The problem is linked to the narrowing of blood vessels restricting blood to the penis.

Some common physical causes can include:

– Blood vessels clogged up
– High cholesterol levels
– High blood pressure
– Being over weight

Erectile issues can also be caused by psychological factors but these are often temporary concerns. Relationship problems or even boredom in the bedroom may contribute towards an erection problem. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction in men.

Long Term Viagra Use Eventually Destroys Sex Lives

These days, men are realizing that they are not alone and have options when seeking a treatment. If you see all the adverts for erectile dysfunction, you could possibly think that men only have pills available to them when seeking treatment. Popular medication drugs such as Viagra and other similar medications have provided temporary relief to millions of men. Viagra, Levitra or Cialis is often the first medication men will turn to when looking for erection help. For many men who have trouble erection difficulty, these pills work and cause minimal side effects for most. However, these pills will only ever provide a “temporary boost” to a man’s sex life. In some men, about 35%, the pills simply do not work or they stop working after a few years. Short-term use of these pills will not kill your sex drive or cause your manhood to stop functioning well. However, many men simply find that even if they take the pills, they do not feel the same sexually and sometimes relationships can suffer as a result.

A healthy erection depends on a healthy body. A greater inflow of blood into the penis is necessary for stronger erections. There are natural ways to boost erections which can have a positive impact on overall health too. First it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle:

– Do not smoke
– Limit alcohol consumption
– Take regular exercise
– Drink more water
– Eat more daily fruit and vegetables
– Take the right vitamin supplements
– Get adequate rest and relaxation

If men want to ditch oral medications, penis pumps can be used to trigger an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis, via air suction. The tube is placed over the penis then pumped to achieve a better erection. Placing a band around the base of the penis will help to maintain the blood flow making it easier to maintain during intercourse.

Natural Treatments Can Enhance Sexual Performance As Well As Overall Health

Some inexpensive natural erection treatments are actually being used more than ever. If you are among the men who want to try other therapies for erectile dysfunction, there are many natural options available. They can work out cheaper and men are finding these just as effective as oral medications. Erectile herbs such as Ginseng and other natural remedies have long been used to help men to improve sexual performance.

Choosing the best erectile dysfunction cure boils down to personal preference and budget. It is possible to reverse the spiral-effect of this condition getting worse and worse if men seek treatment and do not ignore these symptoms.

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