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Rules For Better Erections – 3 Steps To A Stronger And Longer Lasting Erection

by Oliver Farrell

Getting better erections and lasting longer in bed is every man’s desire. So what is the most effective way to increase the strength and stamina of your erections? Getting a hard enough erection is extremely important for your confidence, as well as for sexual relationships. Some men are fine when it comes to achieving an erection but there will be times when things will not be as hard or simply will not last long enough.

There are many treatments to include pills, ointments and devices all claiming to turn your sex life around but not very many of them actually hold any water. Mention a wilting erection and people immediately reach for the pills like Viagra. These type of pills will only ever offer a quick-fix solution and will explain why few men renew their prescriptions. These erection drugs do not always work for men and the side effects that come with these pills can be a turning off point.

Some tips here are realistic ways that if followed, can boost erections naturally. Taking the right steps to safeguard your sex life now, may eliminate the need in the future to pop these little blue pills.

One Of The Keys To A Healthy Erection Is A Healthy Diet.

To get hard erections for a long time, your body needs a good amount of essential nutrients. Including foods rich in zinc will help to produce testosterone which is vital to have healthy strong erections. The best zinc sources can be found in foods like seafood and beans. It is also advisable to stay away from fatty foods before having sex. Fatty meals can decrease testosterone levels in the body, which can further your lower your libido and erection quality. These unhealthy foods can ruin your blood circulation to the penis and thus spoil your performances in the bedroom. It is advisable to avoid overeating and to eat at least one hour before sex.

It is recommended to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Increase consumption of leafy green vegetables, like spinach as this can increase circulation in the body. Garlic is also completely herbal and an effective home remedy.

Take A Look At Your Drinking Habits

Yes, excessive alcohol consumption can affect sexual function. Alcohol can create the desire, but can interfere with the performance. Heavy or even moderate drinking has been known to cause erection issues. It’s far harder to get an erection when you have consumed a lot of alcohol as the nerves in your genitals do not function as well. A daily beer or a glass of wine over dinner will not lead to erectile dysfunction.

Kegel Exercises

There are exercises that you can do to beat erectile dysfunction and get harder erections. These special exercises for men are a natural solution that has been shown in many men to give better results than using pills. Some research shows that Kegel exercises might benefit some men who have erectile dysfunction. These famous Kegel exercises can be very helpful as they can increase circulation in the trouser department. Erectile problems occur when there is insufficient blood flowing to the penis. Kegel exercises can help improve this by increasing blood flow to the pelvic region. Exercising the muscles of this region and performing these exercises regularly can be very beneficial. They are the easiest exercise and very discreet in the sense that you can do them anywhere and anytime and no one will ever notice. They will help you to gain better control of your erections and can generally improve a flagging sex life.

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