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Smoking and Impotence – Are You Going To Have To Give It Up to Get it Up?

by Oliver Farrell

If you are interested in erectile dysfunction treatment, it is helpful to know that the link between smoking and impotence is well-proven. Guys, if you want to get it up, are you going to have to give it up. Learn how smoking and impotence and other lifestyle factors cause ED.

It is estimated that half of all men between 40 and 65 years old will experience at least one episode of erectile dysfunction or ED. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is the inability to achieve an erection or to complete intercourse. This condition affects an estimated 30-40 million Americans. Problems with erections may result from medications, poor blood flow to the penis, drinking too much alcohol, or being too tired. Lifestyle changes, medications, and other treatments are often used to treat ED. Instead of dismissing ED as something that naturally occurs with ageing, health care practitioners are urging men to take the condition more seriously.

How Does An Erection Occur?

Here is some background information on erections. The penis contains two chambers, called the corpora cavernosa, which run the length of the organ. Erection begins with sexual stimulation and when the penis enlarges and stiffens.  Erection occurs when these two tubular chambers that run the length of the penis, become engorged. The blood creates pressure in the corpora cavernosa, making the penis expand.

The Price To Pay:

If you encounter impotence which is also known as erectile dysfunction you will know that their effects on your sex life can be destructive. Smoking leads to narrowing of the arteries in the penis. Smoking increases a person’s risk of atherosclerosis which is hardening of the arteries and this reduces blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis, reducing a man’s ability to gain an erection.

If you have hypertension, smoking will make it even worse. A study has showed that if you are a smoker with high blood pressure are 10 times more likely to be impotent than non-smokers. If you are a diabetic and smoke you are putting yourself at even more risk, not only of impotence but of more serious conditions like heart disease.

Smoking and impotence – the message is to:

Give Up Smoking

Yes, it is easier said than done, but there has never been a better time to stop as there are numerous aids available to help you quit, including patches, gums and medications. Smoking increases the risk of ED by about 50% for men in their 30s and 40s. Not only does smoking reduce life
expectancy, but also the quality of life. Often men with ED suffer in silence, although this dilemma can be totally preventable.

Reduce Alcohol

Most men will be familiar with the term ‘brewer’s droop’ – a temporary form of alcohol impotence that occurs when the average drinker
consumes “one too many. Reduce intake as it can increase sexual desire but can also reduce sexual performance! Health experts around the world agree that small amounts of alcohol, in particular red wine, can be good for you.

Manage Stress

Besides smoking and impotence, stress is an enemy of great sex. So is anxiety about performance. Minimising both helps maximise your enjoyment of your partner. Stress can also increase blood pressure that has been shown to be a frequent cause of impotence. Relaxation techniques such as these can be learned to reduce stress.

What Medical Leaders Say About Smoking:

They believe that warning younger smokers of the link between smoking and impotence would be a far more effective  than any prospect of far more serious disease later on in life. One of the real problems with giving advice about smoking and impotence to young men is that we are telling them not to smoke now because of health problems they may experience later on in life.

Maybe more effective warnings on cigarette packets would be helpful. Not ‘smoking kills’ but rather ‘smoking makes you impotent.’

Smoking and Impotence Summary:

So yes, smoking does make you soft, gentlemen. It will for sure boast your impotence risk. In short, men can take active steps to prevent ED or improve their condition by adopting a healthier lifestyle. Stopping smoking can help some men partly or fully restore erectile function. Typically, after a year of stopping smoking, there should be a return to normality.

The other good news for men who may suffer from ED is that there are treatments available that can vastly improve their condition and sex lives, as well as that of their partners.

ED is treatable at any age, and awareness of this has been growing. More men have been seeking help and returning to normal sexual activity because of improved, successful treatments for ED.

We have done our best to remove any excuses, so you can stop erectile dysfunction safely and secretly from the comfort of your home starting from today. You can read our featured testimonial about a men who have used  3-hour treatments at home to  Cure ED naturally using no drugs. Click Here for a free ED guide coving ED remedy cures and Smoking and Impotence information.

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