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Depression and Erectile Dysfunction – The Shocking Truth

Is there a link between depression and ED?

There is research to say ..yes:

Coping with depression and ED?

While there are many causes of ED men with ED may be twice as likely to develop depression as compared to men without ED.


Dealing with erectile dysfunction can cause men to:

  • lose self-esteem#
  • feel frustrated
  • have feelings of anger or frustration

This can affect relationships and may even result in a vicious cycle … further depression.

Causes of ED

In older men, ED is usually caused by physical factors such as circulation problems

In younger men psychological factors tend to cause ED like performance anxiety.

Depression and Sex

Men do not have to suffer in silence.

Men can reclaim their sex life

Erectile dysfunction is treatable with these natural remedies


There is help you can seek to better your emotional health


First Step

Be honest with yourself

Communicate with your partner

Seek advice from your doctor


When depression has been discussed openly dealing with your sex life will be easier and less stressful.

If depression is the cause of your erectile dysfunction forms of therapy and treatments are available from your doctor.


Step 2

It is important to adapt your lifestyle.

Making a few changes maybe for the better too, which may help get rid of ED. This involves

  • Healthy eating
  • Daily exercise
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Effective remedies for ED

Find out more about natural remedies that can stop erection issues. Herbs and supplements for ED work as natural remedies as they may increase blood flow.  Click here for a Free ED Guide  BeatingErectileDysfunction.com




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Causes Of ED – Erectile Dysfunction May Be More Than Just A Problem In Bed

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that has taken a lot of attention due to the advertising of Viagra and other similar pills. Erection issues are common but they can be embarrassing and frustrating for men to discuss with partners and doctors. This means men are missing out on an opportunity to their ED problem and general health. The sales of erection drugs are then increased by these issues being kept in the dark as men often just resort to costly medications.

Some Causes Of ED

Research shows over 75 per cent of causes of ED are due to physical causes. ED is mainly due to a lack of blood flow to the penis that makes it difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. Men can develop this sexual issue from physical causes that can be resolved. These can include things such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and clogged blood vessels.

Many men will be surprised to discover that erectile dysfunction affects more than one in ten men and two in three men over 65. There is also evidence linking ED or being an early warning sign with other general health issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. Erection problems can also be linked to psychological causes including stress and depression. For many men, stress can interfere with sexual performance. It can often be a secondary reaction to a physical cause. When causes are physiological, self-esteem issues can spiral to further worsen sexual performance.

Talking About Sexual Issues Can Be Challenging For Any Man.

Understanding more about erectile dysfunction and how it may be stemmed from other health problems can be a huge motivating factor for men to improve ED and at the same time their general health. Many men are tempted to look for quick fix solutions in the form of erection pills. These medications all work by increasing the flow of blood into the penis to result in an erection when sexually stimulated. These type of drug treatments are only quick fix solutions. The medications all work by increasing the flow of blood into the manhood so a man can achieve an erection. It typically works within an hour and usually lasts for a few hours. The downside is that very few drugs work perfectly, and Viagra is no exception to this. Just about every drug has side effects and these erection pills are no exception.

All men at time in their life will experience ED. It is when the problem becomes distressing or persistent, where it occurs more than half the time, men should consider seeking medical advice and treatment.

All Natural Herbs, Minerals & Sex Vitamins

Talking about sexual issues and ED can be challenging for any man. Understanding more about erectile dysfunction and how it may be stemmed from other health problems can be a huge motivating factor for men to improve ED and at the same time their general health. Certain vitamins and herbs may improve erections and arousal in men by increasing blood flow to the genitals. Having good blood flow around your body is very important.

1. Firstly maintaining a diet like this works to create better health for you and your penis. Slowly but surely add more fruit and vegetables.

2. Vitamins and supplements that are composed of natural or herbal ingredients can be a safer option. They do not have the harmful chemical ingredients and do not require prescriptions which can also a source of embarrassment for men.

Men should definitely not ignore ED problems, not even milder cases. Erectile dysfunction is unlikely to just go away by itself so it is advisable for men to seek help sooner rather than later.

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