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problems keeping erect

Problems Keeping Erect? (Reasons You can’t get and keep an erection)


Most men have an occasional episode of being unable to get and keep an erection. This can be caused by:




Too Much Alcohol

However, if you frequently have erection problems, you could have erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence. More Information and a free ED guide is available here.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

problems getting erectGetting an erection sounds very simple and obvious, but sometimes things do not go to plan during this process. The manhood fails to become hard, but semi-rigid, or becomes soft too quickly. If this occurs on several occasions in a row, things may be leaning towards erectile dysfunction (ED).


ED can be devastating to the self-esteem of a man and of his partner. As many as 30 million American men are

Physical problems, such as injury to nerves or loss of blood supply to the penis.

Other health problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression. Side effects of certain medicines.

Vitamins To Help ED

There are many vitamin deficiencies discovered in most men with erection issues. Taking a multi-vitamin is a simple solution

problems getting erect

to get most nutritional supplements. A daily multivitamin along with a balanced diet are required. Most people do not get enough nutritional supplements from just diet alone. Vitamin E is known to assist because of its ability to increase circulation levels. It is important when buying vitamin or any supplements to read the label or to take advise from a health store provider.

Watermelon Juice For Erections

Many men call this the “natural Viagra” watermelon juice can provide massive benefits to men who suffer from erection issues. According to research, amino acids found in watermelon is found to help blood flow without the side effects of Viagra or similar medications.

Garlic for ED

Garlic is known to be a proven  remedy for sexual issues. One of the major areas where garlic is very efficient is in reducing cholesterol in the body. Garlic will boost the immune system and can help men to improve their sexual performance. Add fresh garlic cloves to dishes daily for best results.

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erectile dysfunction cause

Erectile Dysfunction Cause + What Treatment Really Works?

If you’re having difficulty getting it up, you are far from alone and you will find some immediate help here in this article. Some men experience ED when they have too much to drink. ExtDrinks for Erectile Dysfunctionreme tiredness can also be a major erectile dysfunction cause. Most men will experience erection issues at least once in their lives. Sometimes a conversation with your partner may be all it takes to relieve concerns and ease feelings of tension. It is never easy to talk about erectile dysfunction but this issue is more common than most men think.

ED Symptoms

We often associate erection problems with older me. ED is also known as ED is a persistent and widespread problem achieving and/or maintaining an erection. Medical professionals say that failure to achieve an erection more than half of the time is generally considered erectile dysfunction but this is generally a guideline. Despite the fact that it is a very common issue at least 75% of men with ED do not seek the right treatment.

The Major Erectile Dysfunction Cause

Understanding the most common erectile dysfunction cause can help a man identify why he may be dealing with this condition. Erectile dysfunction is usually linked with issues affecting the blood flow in the manhood. More than 80 percent of all ED can is due to a physical cause. This cause of ED is usually due to a gradual decrease of blood flow to the penis, which eventually leads to restricted blood flow. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease all have strong connections. Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to hormonal imbalances.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Cause

There is a strong link between thoughts, feelings and emotions and erectile issues. The most common erectile dysfunction cause in younger men is anxiety. Stress, depression and anxiety can both cause erection issues and libido levels can also be hampered. Tackling the root cause of the problem can help to alleviate stress. Trying too hard to get an erection might be the very reason men can fail to perform in the bedroom.

Treatment For ED

While ED can cause anxiety, it’s vital for sufferers to maintain their relationship with their partner until a solution can be found. Traditional medicine and natural techniques can help over 90% of erection problems.It is important for any man suffering from ED to consider some simple lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes are recommended such as losing weight, giving up smoking, cutting back on alcohol, exercising daily and finding ways to reduce stress. Aside from these changes, branded medications such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra can also help but come with side effects.

Vacuum devices which involves placing a tube over the manhood, can create an airtight seal around the base of the penis. Pumping air out of the tube, will allow blood to be drawn into the manhood. Placing the ring around the base of your member can help to maintain the erection.

Natural remedies for ED include those that are derived from plants and herbs. Many cultures have used these for many years. Some evidence suggests that L-arginine can help fix erectile dysfunction by helping blood vessels to expand, which then enhances blood flow.

There are many types of ginseng available in health stores too. Many have shown to have a positive effect on erection issues. However, ginseng can sometimes have a negative side effects including insomnia. Professional advice should always be taken. It is essential to talk to a doctor before starting any ED medication or herbal remedy.

Watermelon can be used as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. The fruit will do wonders for your general health and can help blood vessels relax for better sexual intercourse.

If you are looking to stop ED permanently and start having hard erections, these foods can Stop Erection Problems Read here our featured story of how one man cured himself within a few days using a natural remedy to cure his erectile dysfunction.

Visit www.BeatingErectileDysfunction.com to find out how to get rid of erectile dysfunction. You will never worry about your sexual performance again.

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How To Get Rid of ED – How To Get Stronger Erections

ED is far from being funny and affects over 20 million men is the US alone.

There are two reasons why men may not be performing well in the bedroom. They are physical and physiological causes.

The Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

You have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection

Men may experience a decrease in sexual desire

The Likely Causes

Physical health issues can be the most likely cause of erectile dysfunction, particularly in men over 40. Common diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are often linked with ED. It is advisable to seek advice from a doctor to eliminate any physical causes. Improving diet is sometimes one of the best ways to get rid of ED. These foods can help.

Symptoms can be intermittent. If your ED comes becomes persistent or severe and you find it increasingly hard to get an erection, it is advisable to seek medical attention.

In younger men, ED is often related to anxiety, stress or depression.

Pills such as Viagra can give men more confidence but medications for ED do not deal with the underlying problem. Viagra and drugs such as Cialis and Levitra address ED by allowing blood vessels to relax so that more blood can flow to the manhood during sexual stimulation.

Which is The Right Treatment Choice For You?

Finding the most effective ED treatment can be a minefield. Many men these days are switching from conventional treatments to more natural alternatives and these can boost circulation levels sufficiently. The decision is made easier for many men as natural remedies have little or no adverse reactions.

  1. 1. Losing weight can make a difference to overall health and sexual health. Reducing the pounds can be linked with lower blood pressure and better confidence levels. The worst foods are refined foods and these are foods made with white flour or sugar.
  2. Drinking more water is a great tip for men and can also help shed bodyweight.
  3. Try eating at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day, particularly leafy and root vegetables. More whole grains, fish with less red and processed meat can be helpful.
  4. Check if you have a minimum vitamin deficiency and if necessary take a nutritional supplement. There are vitamin inadequacies discovered in most men with erectile dysfunction.
  5. Your levels of zinc can affect erectile dysfunction in men. Zinc is a nutrient needed to produce testosterone so a deficiency can lead to sexual issues.
  6. Herbal treatments like these have been used by men for many centuries. Natural herbs such as gingko are becoming increasingly popular and can enhance circulation levels naturally.
  7. Various types of psychological exercises may be carried out by men with erection issues. Breathing exercises can help men with stress and emotional issues and these relaxation techniques require a man to work out how his breathing patterns can affect his stress level and quality of sex life.
  8. Working out is essential for men with erectile dysfunction and can increase sexual desire. Simple exercising for 20 minutes a day such as walking can reverse ED symptoms, improve emotional health and reduce stress.

Smoking is one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction. Smoking can interfere with blood flow and restrict correct blood flow into the penis.

Alcohol can be a depressant and can decrease sexual desire for men in the bedroom. This can make it even more difficult for a man to achieve an erection so avoid drinking more than a couple of drinks a day.

These tips above can help men to restore normal erectile function

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Causes for Erectile Dysfunction – Keep Your Manhood In Perfect Working Order.

Erectile dysfunction can be very embarrassing for men, but the more you know about this issue, the easier it is to seek the right treatment or even prevent it from happening.


Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or to maintain an erection hard enough for  satisfactory sex on a long-term basis. Symptoms may include:

• Trouble getting an erection at all
• Achieving  erections but  not firm enough
• Trouble maintaining an erection once you have achieved one


Erectile dysfunction affects an estimated 25 to 30 million men in the U.S. alone. Finding out what’s causing your erection problem is tricky ad normally needs professional treatment.

Previously doctors believed this condition was caused by psychological problems such as stress, depression and performance anxiety. Research has shown now as much as 90% of erectile dysfunction is believed to include some kind of physical cause.

Erectile dysfunction also known as ED can be caused by many issues, such as other medical conditions and stress and anxiety related problems. The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is clogged arteries in the manhood.

Erection problems affect most men during their lives and is be caused by high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Certain medications can also be the culprit.

Emotional and psychological issues such as guilt or anxiety can interfere with a man’s sex life and can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety in which fear of not having an erection can be your number 1 enemy at times. If your problem is emotional usually linked to anxiety or stress then you will benefit from some relaxation techniques. These emotional issues include:

• Depression anxiety
• Stress
• Relationship problems
• Work pressures

Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs

Excessive smoking, drinking alcohol and use of illegal drugs,  can also contribute to ED

Lack of Exercise

Other potential causes can include lack of exercise. Lack of general exercise is a common characteristic of men with erection issues, and exercising at least 2 or 3 times a week has been shown to help erectile dysfunction. Start walking, just 30 minutes of walking a day was linked with a real improvement and can help to restore sexual performance.

Poor Diet

Simply put, a healthy heart makes a healthy penis. A diet that’s bad for a man’s heart will also have adverse affects on a man’s sex life. A diet high in red and processed meat, junk food and lot of refined grains can lead to problems. A diet low in saturated fats is recommended.  Eating a diet like this rich in fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and fish can overcome problems in the bedroom.

Vitamin Deficiency

Other contributing factors include lack of nutrients and vitamins. Besides keeping a diet that works to create better health for you and your penis, there are certain vitamins and supplements that men can take.  Men suffering from ED may have a vitamin deficiency. There are some great vitamins for men’s sexual health that will improve sexual performance and will keep your manhood in perfect working order. Vitamins supplements are a great approach as they are beneficial for the body’s over-all health.

Vitamin C will also improve blood circulation and Vitamin E is proven to help restore sexual issues. Zinc is the most important supplement to your bodies sexual functioning. A deficiency is known to cause erection problems

There are many more angles here you can tackle erectile dysfunction and then you are more likely to put an end to this issue sooner rather than later. There are natural remedies used to treat Erectile dysfunction so men no longer need to resort to medication drugs.

If you are looking to stop your erectile dysfunction permanently and start having hard erections by tonight, Click Here to read our featured story of how one man cured himself within a few days using a 3-hour natural home remedy to cure his erectile dysfunction. The sooner you treat this condition the natural way, the sooner you can start enjoying the tremendous benefits of a great sex life!

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Food for Erectile Dysfunction – How to Eat Your Way to Hardness

Erection problems should not be ignored since they can easily be treated with the help of food for erectile dysfunction.This starts with proper nutrition and diet which improves blood flow to all parts of the body. This will help to keep the arteries to the genitals open which is essential for really hard lasting erections. More men these days are switching to natural erectile dysfunction solutions to fix this issue.

To cure erectile dysfunction always boils down to foods the majority of the time and your diet is the most powerful medicine that you can find for this condition. Eat the right foods in your diet and your body will perform how it should do. If you abuse your body with certain foods and too much alcohol then problems will start on your waist line and below! You can use food to improve all aspects of your life, such as more energy, more brain power and better sex.

Increase Fiber, Reduce Fat!

A few dietary alterations may help prevent altogether or help relieve your erectile dysfunction. This will help you to understand how certain foods that promote whole body health can also heat up the action in the bedroom.

It is not about one single food or even a handful of different foods. What is essential is the routine of regularly consuming a diet rich in low-fats and a fruit and vegetable-rich diet so you have a variety of essential nutrients.

  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Eggs and pulses
  • Lean meat
  • Milk and diary

Dump the Junk!

  • Too Much Fatty Meat
  • Too Many Diary Products
  • Fried Foods
  • Prepared Foods From the Supermarket
  • Take Away Junk Foods
  • Too Much Sugar – Biscuits, Cake and Sweets.
  • Caffeine
  • Soft Fizzy Drinks
  • Other Liquid Calories

Is Garlic a Natural Cure For Male Impotence?

Garlic is very beneficial to cure erectile dysfunction. Garlic contains allicin which is known to stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs. Relaxed arteries and correct blood flow will help ease erectile dysfunction.

Basil and these other food grocery are also known to increases circulation and stimulates the sex drive. With the right food for erectile dysfunction you can certainly maintain your health and well-being without breaking the bank. By tweaking your shopping habits, you can improve your help at no extra cost. That isn’t to say that you will see a massive difference straight away, however it might just be good enough to make you feel more confident about yourself and slowly give you back those naturally hard erections. You can seek further dietary advice on the topic of food for erectile dysfunction from this free guide or from your doctor or health professional.

If you are looking to stop your erectile dysfunction permanently and start having hard erections by tonight, Click Here to read our featured story of how one man cured himself within a few days using a 3-hour natural home remedy to cure his erectile dysfunction. The sooner you treat this condition the natural way, the sooner you can start enjoying the tremendous benefits of a great sex life! If you are looking for the most effective erectile dysfunction cures this Free ED Guide will help you to put an end to ED. The guide will include information on the best food for erectile dysfunction including natural treatment options.

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Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction – Cure ED Naturally & Fast

If you are in search of an erectile dysfunction treatment then needless to say, vitamins for erectile dysfunction will do a great job of improving this condition. Ask any man who suffers or have suffered from ED and he can tell you the deep adverse effects it causes one’s psychology and whole being.

The current market now offers more modern and natural techniques such as taking vitamins for erectile dysfunction combined with other home remedies. Men with erectile dysfunction report far less satisfaction and more anxiety about their sexual relationships. This condition can wreck confidence and cause men to avoid new relationships. If you are in search for a remedy for erectile dysfunction then taking specific vitamins for ED will enable you to see results fairly quickly.

An erection problem is the inability to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for a man to have intercourse. You may be unable to get an erection at all, or you may lose the erection during intercourse.

Statistics show that 18-30 million American men will suffer from erection problems this year alone. There are several supplements that can provide the nutritional support that many men who are affected by erectile dysfunction are missing.

Vital Vitamins for ED

The most important nutrient for sexual health is zinc. We also recommend taking a high-potency multivitamin and mineral supplement in addition to the zinc. Consult your local health store advisor or doctor for advice on suitable milligrams daily amounts.

These vitamins for erectile dysfunction are the best natural alternatives, without one having to worry any more about any risky and nasty side effects of miracle pills.

Why You Need Vitamins for Erection Problems

Zinc is important to your bodies sexual functioning. A deficiency of this mineral is known to cause impotence. Zinc enhances the production of
testosterone, the male hormone that’s required for sexual development and potency.

Multivitamins and minerals help to keep your urinary tract in good working order and to lay the foundation for good sexual health. Vitamins C and E are found in high concentration in the prostate gland, so they can help speed your recovery from erectile dysfunction.

Use Vitamins To Treat Naturally

Aside from the massive health benefits, the cost of vitamins supplements will not give your wallet a headache from week to week like chemical medications tend to do.

Millions of men will choose to treat their bedroom problem with colorful pills that cost a fortune a piece and which have been reported to cause major side affects such as blindness, deafness and the regular nauseous feeling and headaches.

A free ED home remedy report that you can use in conjunction with these essential nutritional supplements can help improve  your erectile dysfunction and improve your general health more dramatically. No drugs = no side effects.

If you are looking to stop your erectile dysfunction permanently and start having rock hard erections by tonigh, Click Here to receive a FREE Better Erections Guide today.  You can also read our featured story of how one man cured himself within a few days using a 3-hour home remedy for erectile dysfunction to cure himself completely. The sooner you treat this condition the natural way, the sooner you can start enjoying the tremendous benefits of a great sex life! Click Here for your FREE ED Guide. With effective vitamins for erectile dysfunction you would never have to deal with ED problems any longer.

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