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erection problems at 40

Erection Problems At 40 – Follow This Plan To Stop It

Erection problems at 40 is not a problem and erectile dysfunction can come up in your forties but can be started at any age. Many men can experience their first bouts at the age of 40. It is sometimes difficult to establish what is the actual problem leading to erectile dysfunction. Many times there are multiple reasons that are linked with each other and cause the erection issue. It is important for a male to ensure that a proper check on health is carried out. With growing age, every male needs to ensure that he is living a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that simple lifestyle changes may be effective in improving erectile function.

It May Be Time To Pay Attention To Vascular Health


High blood pressure
High Blood sugar
High Cholesterol

… can all damage arteries.

3 Surprising Erectile Dysfunction Causes For Men at 40


1. Men with poor oral hygiene are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Research has linked gum disease with erection problems. It is thought that bacteria from poor dental health can access the blood flow and damage blood vessels, which can potentially restrict blood flow to the penis.

2. A trim waistline can ward of erection issues. Men who are overweight are 50% more likely to have erection problems than men who are within their correct weight. Losing weight can help overcome erectile dysfunction. Obesity raises the risks for many other health concerns such as vascular disease and diabetes. Excess fat is also a testosterone buster as being overweight can interfere with several hormones in the body that may add to the problem. When your testosterone levels decrease, your libido will suffer.

3. High frequency porn use can have a psychological effect as it can restrict a man’s ability to achieve erections when with a real-life partner.

Erection Problems At 40


How Do You Know If Your Testosterone Is Too Low?


The best way forward is to get a blood test that can measure total testosterone levels.

Erection Problems at 40 – Medications to Help


About 50% of men may turn to pills like Viagra but rarely refill prescriptions due to the side effects of headaches, back pain, heartburn and blurred vision. The cost of up to $15 for each pill is also a major factor is using these medication on an on-going basis.

If you suffer from erectile issues, there are several steps you can take to improve your ability to achieve and maintain erections. Men who followed a this diet and exercise plan can perform better in bed where you can reverse your erectile dysfunction completely or the symptoms may become less severe.

A natural and permanent solution to ED may be better in the longer term. However taking this route will require more persistence and patience.

Erection Problems At 40

Here are some steps you can take to naturally and permanently get rid of erectile dysfunction:

• Stop watching pornography
• Follow the world’s healthiest diet, the Mediterranean Diet
• Exercise ideally for 20 minutes per day
• Take the right vitamins and supplements
• Find the time for some relaxation techniques
• Get adequate sleep and rest

There is no reason to worry if you can erection problems at 40 and you do not perform sexually 100% of the time. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and maintain erections during a time-period of several weeks or longer. After the age of 50, the threat of erectile dysfunction grows even more so it is advisable to also avoid tobacco, and keep alcohol intake to a minimum.

So next time, fill your grocery trolley with a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats such as chicken, fresh fish, and grains like whole wheat or oats. Try and reduce the amount of processed sugar, white flour products and also fast foods.

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Men Don’t Need Pills To Have Firmer Erections

Sexual issues like erectile dysfunction frequently top the list of problems that people shy away from talking about. Most men may experience erection issues from time to time, particularly if tired or under stress, but usually only a temporary problem. Many men experience temporary performance concerns in the bedroom and this is happening to at least one in ten men. There are a number of treatment options like these that can help men to get firmer erections, so there is no need for men to suffer in silence or resort to taking medication pills.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or to keep an erection for sexual activity. A combination of physical and psychological issues can cause this. A high number of cases are related to physical issues. The problem is linked to the narrowing of blood vessels restricting blood to the penis.

Some common physical causes can include:

– Blood vessels clogged up
– High cholesterol levels
– High blood pressure
– Being over weight

Erectile issues can also be caused by psychological factors but these are often temporary concerns. Relationship problems or even boredom in the bedroom may contribute towards an erection problem. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction in men.

Long Term Viagra Use Eventually Destroys Sex Lives

These days, men are realizing that they are not alone and have options when seeking a treatment. If you see all the adverts for erectile dysfunction, you could possibly think that men only have pills available to them when seeking treatment. Popular medication drugs such as Viagra and other similar medications have provided temporary relief to millions of men. Viagra, Levitra or Cialis is often the first medication men will turn to when looking for erection help. For many men who have trouble erection difficulty, these pills work and cause minimal side effects for most. However, these pills will only ever provide a “temporary boost” to a man’s sex life. In some men, about 35%, the pills simply do not work or they stop working after a few years. Short-term use of these pills will not kill your sex drive or cause your manhood to stop functioning well. However, many men simply find that even if they take the pills, they do not feel the same sexually and sometimes relationships can suffer as a result.

A healthy erection depends on a healthy body. A greater inflow of blood into the penis is necessary for stronger erections. There are natural ways to boost erections which can have a positive impact on overall health too. First it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle:

– Do not smoke
– Limit alcohol consumption
– Take regular exercise
– Drink more water
– Eat more daily fruit and vegetables
– Take the right vitamin supplements
– Get adequate rest and relaxation

If men want to ditch oral medications, penis pumps can be used to trigger an erection by increasing blood flow to the penis, via air suction. The tube is placed over the penis then pumped to achieve a better erection. Placing a band around the base of the penis will help to maintain the blood flow making it easier to maintain during intercourse.

Natural Treatments Can Enhance Sexual Performance As Well As Overall Health

Some inexpensive natural erection treatments are actually being used more than ever. If you are among the men who want to try other therapies for erectile dysfunction, there are many natural options available. They can work out cheaper and men are finding these just as effective as oral medications. Erectile herbs such as Ginseng and other natural remedies have long been used to help men to improve sexual performance.

Choosing the best erectile dysfunction cure boils down to personal preference and budget. It is possible to reverse the spiral-effect of this condition getting worse and worse if men seek treatment and do not ignore these symptoms.

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How to Prevent a Soft Erection + Tips for Harder Erections

Whether you call it impotence or erectile dysfunction, it is a soft erection when you’re in a sexual situation. The end result is the same. Maybe you are a young man starting out in sexual relationships and you have found your erection was soft when you were with a girl you wanted to have sex with. You could be middle aged and you have noticed that your penis doesn’t get as hard like it use to. Perhaps you once lost your erection in the middle of making love for some reason, and since then it hasn’t been the same. Maybe you are an older man who has just given up on achieving harder erections.

The good new is that no matter what your age or what physical shape you are in, ED is treatable.

It can be common for men to avoid sex because they fear erectile dysfunction. If your erections sometimes are less firm and long-lasting than you would like or if you sometimes cannot get your manhood hard at all when you make love this article aims to solve your erection worries.

What Are The Causes Of Erection Issues?

It is very important to get the correct advice about male sexual dysfunction issues and impotence. Many men who suffer from a soft erection and visited their doctor, simply have walked away with nothing more than a brief examination and a prescription for some pills.

Sufficient help should be available to men with erectile dysfunction to enable them to overcome a soft erection naturally. If you have difficulty getting an erect penis during sex you don’t want to be told the answer lies in a quick fix of drugs. Your erection problem is most likely the cause of lack of circulation. There are a number of natural remedies that can help overcoming erection difficulties so there’s no longer any need to suffer in silence.

How Do You Fix Erection Problems?

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your erection will be there whenever you need it? Well you do not need to worry any more. A natural impotence cure is an effective treatment that will get you erect again and help you stay that way during sex. These are just 3 cures that have been effective in helping men with ED:

Increase Circulation – for example, just doing one very easy penile exercise for a few minutes a day for a few months will ensure better circulation downstairs and hence a harder manhood.

Essential Vitamins– there are two vitamin deficiencies which are common with men that suffer from a soft erection. Vitamin C is recommended. This vitamin can reduce cholesterol in the blood and will also improve your blood circulation. Vitamin E  is  also proven to help repair sexual problems

Wonder Herbsthese are two herbs have the ability to increase circulation below the belt and thus you will be able to say goodbye to your erections problems in hours.

More Erection Tips

There are many more! The more angles you attack your soft erection problem, the more likely you are going to put an end to your ED problem sooner rather than later.

If you are looking to stop your erectile dysfunction permanently and start having hard erections by tonight, Click Here to read our featured story of how one man cured himself within a few days using a 3-hour natural home remedy to cure his erectile dysfunction. The sooner you treat this condition the natural way, the sooner you can start enjoying the tremendous benefits of a great sex life! If you are looking for the most effective erectile dysfunction cures this Free ED Guide will help you to put an end to ED. The free guide will include information on the best way to deal with a soft erection including natural treatment options.

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