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Treatment Of ED – Remedies To Sweeten Up Your Sex Life

by Oliver Farrell

ED also known as erectile dysfunction is no longer a scary thing for men to talk about and overcome. Erection difficulties are usually treatable, most commonly by a tablet taken before sex. Unfortunately more men are reporting unwanted side effects which can have a further impact on a relationship. This common complaint can be treated, mostly even without taking any drugs. Before men go down the route of investing in costly and potentially dangerous chemical pills, it is a wise decision these days to consider a variety of other natural treatments.

Points To Consider

– Erectile dysfunction means that you fail to get a proper erection and is the inability to keep an erection long enough to engage in normal sexual intercourse. Most causes are due to narrowing of the arteries that take blood to the penis which is restricted circulation.

– Sexual issues in men is a common problem and the frequency tends to increase with age.

– There are many physical and psychological causes that may contribute to this problem.

– If you have erectile dysfunction, the treatment that will be required, will depend on the underlying cause of the condition.

There are a number of treatment options for erectile dysfunction including:

• Oral medications for example Viagra pills and these work by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. • Pumps or other vacuum devices can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. • Penile implant surgery for men who suffer from ED is an option if other results have not been achieved.  • Psychological counselling to treat emotional issues • Natural remedies – You may also receive lifestyle advice and treatments • Besides the standard treatments, there are several natural remedies that work effectively.

Tips and Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction.

Here are the top 4 home remedies for erectile dysfunction. These are some effective ways one can naturally reverse or treat ED. Now since there are several remedies that can help and whether the cause of erectile dysfunction is physical or psychological reasons or both, natural and home remedies are effective and will help. Men are switching to these natural treatments to maintain stronger erections and improve sexual performance as they will tackle the root cause of the problem and can also improve your overall health. You can also receive lifestyle advice including diet.

1. Improving diet – It is important to follow the basic rules of healthy eating five fruits or vegetable portions a day. Also increase fibre intake, drink more water and add less salt, sugar and caffeine. There are some super foods which may help further. Drinking antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice has been shown to have many health benefits, including reduced symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Garlic has been shown to be a wonder food for thousands of years and can help increase circulation levels.

2. Vitamin’s – Besides keeping a diet that works to create better health for you and your erections, there are certain vitamins and supplements men can take for sexual performance to help further increase circulation.

3. Increase the amount you exercise – This can quickly improve your blood circulation, build strength and relieve stress. Hence, this will do a great job for your sex life, as well as improve your overall health and wellbeing. Walking is a simple way of increasing fitness. Start with 10- 15 minute daily walks. For extra motivation, exercise with your partner or a friend.

3. Herbs – Korean red ginseng has long been used to stimulate sexual function and this herbal remedy, a traditional aphrodisiac, can help men combat erectile dysfunction. A variety of different herbs can be used as an alternative to medicine to improve sexual life in men and many men show significant improvement in overall sexual function.

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