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Why A Condom Size Chart Is Essential For Penis Enlargement

by Oliver Farrell

With the number of penis enlargement users skyrocketing every year, the  importance of a condom size chart cannot be over emphasized. As methods of male  enhancement continue to improve, a high number of men are experiencing real  growth in penis size.

Whilst this is fantastic news for those that previously may have felt  humiliation and anxiety about their diminutive size, the fact remains that men  have to make the correct choice in size when it comes to choosing a condom. This  is even more important for those men that are currently engaging in any method  of penis enlargement.

As the penis continues to increase in length and girth over the weeks or  months, it is quite likely that the condom size that used to be a perfect fit  prior to penile enhancement will not be anymore. You will need to measure your  penis first so you can compare against condoms to get the right fit. A condom  size chart is basically information given often by various brand names about  their sizing to help users choose the correct condom size.

How To Find The Right Size?

Due to the fact that every penis is different, having one single  comprehensive condom size chart seems impossible. Many brands tend to have their  own opinion as to what is regular, large and extra large. However most brands  have their exact measurements at the back, this helps in making the right choice  once you’ve taken you’re penile measurement. Another tip is to try various  brands to see which one feels most comfortable and fits you best.

Importance of choosing the right size condom?

Condoms are worn to protect infection and unwanted pregnancies.

Using a smaller sized condom can be very uncomfortable.

If it’s too big it can easily slip off.

A poorly fitted condom increases the chances of breakage during intercourse  and is major reason why users tend to remove the condom before the end of  intercourse, which defeats the whole objective.

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